In fact, Ms. Nowhera Shaik started her business to support her charitable activities. Usually, people start businesses first and when they are successful they start supporting some social and charitable causes. Her charitable and social activities include helping the poor, particularly in the areas of education and health, promoting education among women, both academic and Islamic, to improve the quality of life of the downtrodden Muslims, to promote trade and business in an Islamic way and to establish business enterprises that can be made an instrument for carrying out social activities and for supporting charity work.
She has started a ‘Mobile Clinic’ under the aegis of HEERA GROUP, which provides medical services to lakhs of poor villagers across Andhra Pradesh. Patients are dispensed medicine at their door steps.
As a President of a reputed Muslim women’s organisation, At-Tawheed International Dawah Centre for Women, Ms. Nowhera has been supporting a great number of poor and downtrodden Muslim women by engaging in multiple charitable activities, such as sponsoring education, arranging marriages, health camps, etc. The organisation has chapters in different cities of India and the Middle East.
In order to support helpless women Ms. Shaik has started a Women Help Line with a web portal providing:
Providing food and shelter
Providing legal assistance
Gather information and inform the Govt. Agencies/police
Assist police and other lawful agencies to provide services
Create Awareness: Programmes to increase awareness about ‘Women’s rights’ among the masses in general and the women in particular by:

  • Slide shows and classes at educational institutions and offices
  • Periodic meeting/workshops and Seminars involving NGOs;
  • Creating awareness of rights of the women
  • Advertisement in local newspapers;
  • Proper use of social media and web.